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Wise Earth Food Breath and Sound


This program is a series of 8 classes.  We will focus on awakening your connection to Mother Earth and her seasons.  You will learn how to understand and balance your personal constitution (dosha).  We will work with breath (prana) to increase your inner vibrations with lunar and solar practices.  We will explore the kitchen and learn the art of making beautiful healing Ayurvedic meals with fresh organic fruits, vegetables and spices. We will also explore daily sadhanas (practices) that will generate a deeper connection within, inner harmony and healing. 

Wise Earth Ayurveda


Wise Earth Ayurveda is the teaching of Maya Tiwari.  Naomi and Brian are Wise Earth Sadhakas and teach these sacred classes to their community. 

In the Wise Earth Tradition the focus is on:

      *Awakeing our ancestral and cellular memory

     *The practice of Ahimsa - making a conscious committment to living in harmony with nature

     *The art of Sadhana (practices) that will bring peace and harmony to your daily lives.


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Japa-Ajapa Meditation

Japa-Ajapa meditation is a sacred practice that will guide you through the practice of meditating with and without Mala beads.  Using mantra, mudra and the sacred vibration of sound you will realize the power of your own inner vibration and finally the silence within.  Japa meditaion with help you transform by shifting your inner energies allowing subtle healing to take place in your mind, body and spirit.  This is a deeply clearing practice .

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