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Stone Totem class options:


Our goal is to continually offer new and exciting classes for both our students and for the genral public.  Many of our classes involve nutrition, so most (not all) classes will offer a potluck meal and we ask that you bring a healthy gluten free dish to share.  It gives us the chance to share a meal as a community of like minded energy beings! For dates and times of classes - check our events through Facebook or see posting on our Calendar. For more information go to

Polarity Center of Syracuse ~ Associate Polarity Practitioner Program

The Associate Polarity Practitioner program is held at the Stone Totem Yoga studio location.  We usually offer the program once a year.  We like the intimacy of small classes - we need a minimum of 5 students and no more than 10. For more information on our program click here or contact Naomi Kenealy.


Wise Earth Ayurveda ~ Food Breath & Sound

Our Food Breath and Sound class is a series of classes that explores the grassroot practices of Ayurveda as taught my Mother Maya. 


We explore the energy of our food, herbs, spices and the correct combinations for building a strong digestive fire. Pranayama is a powerful tool for improving the energy of the body, and sound (chanting) is a powerful way to increase the vibration of our systems. 

Wise Earth Ayurveda ~ Seasonal Spice Grind


We hold a seasonal spice grind everyother month. Roasting, grinding and creating a seasonal Masala is wonderful kitchen medicine.  Everyone has a chance to create a blend that will help to maintain balance through our changing seasons or assist them with their own constitutional needs.


Spice grinding is a way to awaken your inner ancient wisdom.  Always let us know if you plan to come so that we can be assured that we have enough supplies. 

Wise Earth Ayurveda~ Japa-Ajapa Meditation

In our Japa-Ajapa class we will learn the practice of using Mala beads, Mantra and Mudra as tools for meditation.

Mala beads will be provided and a light snack will be sereved.


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