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About the School


Our School of Polarity Therapy – the only one in Upstate New York - prepares students to become Polarity Practitioners certified through the American Polarity Therapy Association.


Our graduates go on to start their own holistic healing practices, integrate Polarity Therapy into their existing practices and continue their education in advanced Polarity Therapy study. Classes are taught at the Polarity Center of Syracuse Studio in Tully, NY, and via the web. 


Our instructors are Board Certified Polarity Practicioners and certified Registered Polarity Educators. At times, specialty faculty provide expertise in areas of anatomy, physiology, yoga, business and ethics. Our 218-hour Associate Polarity Practitioner (APP) program involves regularly scheduled weekend classes and clinical sessions. An advanced Registered Polarity Practitioner Program is available to those that have successfully completed the APP.


Judy O'Neill has the Currents Polarity Therapy Program. Naomi has the Polarity Center of Syracuse. They are identical programs that are co-taught.


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Admissions Requirements


Financial/Program Contracts

Associate Polarity Practitioner Class of 2014

Associate Polarity Practitioner Class of 2014

Naomi Kenealy, director of the Polarity Center of Syracuse’s School of Polarity Therapy and Judy O’Neill,
director of Currents School of Polarity Therapy.

For a full list of our Associate Polarity Practitioner graduates, their area of specialty and their location ~ click here Associate Polarity Practitioner Portfolio




RPP/BCPP and Ayurvedic Classes Coming Next Year!

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