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The Polarity Center of Syracuse specializes in Polarity Therapy, a comprehensive health care system designed to help you heal naturally from illness and injury, and bring your body, mind and spirit into a state of balance, harmony and health. 


Using a blend of Polarity Therapy techniques, we work with you to create an individualized program that addresses your specific needs.


In addition to Polarity Therapy, we offer Ayurvedic Consults with  Elemental Ayurveda, Quantum Light Therapy, classical yoga instruction at Stone Totem Yoga Studio and for more information check out our calendar for related workshops and events, all designed to nurture your body, mind and spirit.


At our School of Polarity Therapy - the only one in Upstate New York - we prepare students to become certified Polarity Practitioners.


No matter your needs - from weekly visits to one session or class a year - the Polarity Center of Syracuse community is here for you.

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Polarity Practitioner Certification

February 2024

Contact Naomi 315-317-6850





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Our School of Polarity Therapy prepares students to become certified Polarity Practitioners through small classes, web chats and hands-on  instruction and practice. After graduation you become part of our family, supported as you take your new skills out into the world.

We offer a variety of workshops and events from seasonal spice grindings to weekend meditation retreats to annual solstice celebrations. These gatherings are open to everyone and usually include a yummy potluck lunch or dinner.  






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